Making-Of Shooting 2015

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Notre deviseBe the masters of the exceptional

Introduced by Stéphane Guenni in 2003, Airplay quickly becomes the reference in the environment, and electrifies since the trendiest spots of the globe. Knighted by prestigious Houses, Airplay pulls in the course of the symphonies in a universe haunted with musicality. An innate talent, tinged with harmony, marked out by heterogeneous people.

Everything is made to offer you an outstanding experience and breathe a dream during the course of an evening. Here begins a sensory experience unlike any other. The magic and elegant light offers itself multi-colored LEDs and widens its spectrum upon the length of the waves.

Musicians and artists take place on the stage, black or white notes fuse, and voices promise customized sound sensations for a colorful painting…

Our ArtistsDivine's Conjurer

Harmony is in the air, unexpected is in the rhythm, emotion is in their partition. The musicians play with the tone; they stimulate the ranges like a phantasmagorical partition and compose variations based on your needs. They blend all styles and juxtapose the arts “Music Maestro”..

Fame may be ephemeral but talent is eternal. From chants to enchanting, there is just one step… From Rock, soul, pop, RnB, to House and Oriental music. They perform in unison on every melody and their voices are shaping the timeless hits. The tone has been set; we will make travel through the universes and the times.

Our servicesA tailor-made Event

As an infinity of dreams that have to be fulfilled, thousand and one opportunities for you. The percussion instrument on pad is opening the ball of an appealing show. The diva promises disproportionally stunning instants that would keep you breathless whereas the piano is inviting you to a journey to the sound of its ranges. The stage is getting filled with the rhythm of CORDPLAY, a female quartet touching the cords of the noblest instrument. You give us a masterpiece that we sublime until ecstasy.

AbroadA Contemplative Journey

Pioneer in terms of glamorous and prestigious events and a must see in Paris, the musical group is cultivating the taste for escape to give birth to luxurious events all around the world. Nothing is impossible; the French touch is taking all challenges (from the unusual to the soberest ones) through a broad spectrum of destinations: USA, United Kingdom, France, Russia, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Luxemburg, Holland, Belgium, Israel, Dubai, Morocco… Overwhelmed by an intrinsic aesthetic notion, those shadow magicians are getting together backstage without caring about the invisible. From the design to the artistic achievement of an event, including the executive production, Airplay is imagining, conceiving, conceptualizing and staging your events in order to transform them into a fairy-like show.